About the Journal

Jurnal Psikologi Poseidon invites submission of scientific papers on any aspect of general psychology and maritime psychology. We also accept the topic of Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology, Industry Psychology, Maritime Psychology, Sport Psychology, Positive Psychology. We welcome papers on theoretical and applied subjects of the whole spectrum of psychology.

The accepted papers will be published twice a year. This journal is open access, and free for readers. There is no any author fee for processing and publishing papers.

Jurnal Psikologi Poseidon invites writers, practitioners, and researchers to submit and publish scientific articles to this journal on topics related to the field of general and maritime psychology, both theoretical and applied. Articles are accepted in Indonesian and English. Articles that are decided to be accepted will be published in Jurnal Psikologi Poseidon twice a year. This journal is open access which is free for readers, and there are no fees charged to the author in processing and publishing articles.